To be healthy and happy, your pet needs basic grooming. Although brushing is a simple grooming procedure you can easily handle yourself, your pet will also require the care of a professional groomer at some point that will provide more thorough grooming. 

But, before you jump to the first person you find in the Yellow Pages under “Pet Grooming” in West Palm Beach, Florida it's best to thoroughly check their credentials. Schooling and certification are among the first things that speak of the groomer's background. Some pet groomers are certified or registered by a professional association or grooming school and since there is no government body that licenses or regulates the profession, see if there are any complaints lodged against the dog grooming facility you are considering (you can use the local Better Business Bureau). It should be noted that poor grooming techniques can damage your pet's coat (pull out, mat, snarl, stretch) and affect its well-being, which is why you need to do your homework.

Another thing to consider is the potential groomer's ability to handle all sizes and breeds. If not, the pet will become nervous and very difficult to handle, making the overall dog grooming process particularly stressful for the pet, which is something you definitely don't

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How can you tell who are the best dog and pet groomers?

People often wonder how to tell who is and who isn’t the best dog & pet grooming service – and that’s an especially common question here in South Florida!

want. This is supposed to be as much fun and enjoyable as possible, not torture or anything remotely of the sort. You may also want to stop by or get lots of information about the way the pet groomer handles aggressive breeds and tough situations.

Besides that, responsible dog/pet grooming services should also use organic, chemical-free shampoos and conditioners to avoid any nasty chemical reaction. Natural products hydrate the pet's skin and make the coat shine. In any other case, your pet could end up with itchy skin and poor hair quality. In some cases, even cancer. So no products that contain parabens, phthalates, phosphates, petrochemicals, sulfates or PEGs for your pet. If you are not sure about the products used by the groomer, check their hands. If you notice any external trauma (chemicals affect the skin, and since pet groomers wash up to a dozen dogs a day, any damage will show on the skin), check the next professional on the list.

Being up to date with the latest in your industry is a must and implies that the professional takes his job seriously. Therefore, the ideal pet groomer should also be on top of the latest styles, products and equipment. Finally, check whether they offer any additional services, besides dog grooming, such as retail items and doggie daycare.

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