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Pet Spa & Beyond aspires to set new standards in high-quality dog grooming services, which means merging the elements of professionalism, expertise, care and quality into one unwavering goal.

Owned and operated by Master Groomer, Betty Jacobson, Pet Spa & Beyond sets a whole new standard within the scope of expert dog grooming and related care services.  Located in West Palm Beach, Florida, we bring to you the same quality, care and expertise that preceded her reputation as "Hollywood Betty,"  the mobile dog groomer to the stars of Hollywood & Beverly Hills, CA over the past 14 years. Being a native Floridian at heart though, Betty felt the call to move back to Palm Beach County, FL in 2014 and with her family & friends at her side, now the residents of South Florida get to experience a whole new level of pet grooming expertise!

As a graduate of the New York School of Dog Grooming and a true lover of animals by her very nature, Betty and staff aspire to create a true sense of enjoyment, comfort, care and family among all who visit.


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So what exactly is "top-tier dog grooming services?"

In simple terms, it is a combination of quality, care and passion within the overall grooming process.  This means utilizing only the best personnel and equipment.  It means using only the highest quality products, of which we will only use industry-leading brands with organic certification.  It also means providing the very best platform of services while charging reasonable rates.  Lastly, it means being here for the owner and adjusting our services to meet their specific needs.

We understand that West Palm Beach, and South Florida in general, offers many grooming options for dog owners.  Our goal isn't to be yet one more option, our goal is o be the very best option, all the way around, and we very much hope to have the opportunity to show you how!

"Beverly Hills Quality at West Palm Prices"

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